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      Need advice on good family area to live commutable to Techport in Osborne, Adelaide

      Hi need some advice on a good area to live within a commutabvle distance to Techport in Osbourne. I am just in the late stages of accepting a job here and need some advice on a good family area to live in. We have 2 children aged 5 and 2 and are looking for an area with good schools and good amenities. Initially we will be renting but will eventually be buying with a budget of around $400,000 for a 3 - 4 bed property. Any advice would be really helpful Thanks.

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      What company will you be working for as my information might not help if there is a bit of a walk from the station?

      Have you looked on the Real Estate website, you can select rental or purchase, plus investigate a small or large area.

      My advice, dont restrict yourself to just a few suburbs, there is a really great metro system that you can get to TECHPORT from just about anywhere else in the Adelaide region.
      Plus it really depends upon what you want.
      Us personally dont like how close everyone feels in the areas around techport, but thats not to say you will also, so please dont think i am being negative. Lots of people use the metro to commute, it will cost you $8 ish per day, and that is without bulk buying which you will get savings on. If you feel like getting (or remaining) fit, take your bicycle with you on the train.

      Best of luck in what you do.



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