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    Thread: Port Pirie Area

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      Port Pirie Area

      Hi my OH has had a job offer for port pirie and we are weighing up the pros and cons. Could anyone give us any advice on the area, we are concerned about settling into a small community and having enough for us to do without being so far from adelaide. Also are there any area's within an hours drive that would be a nice place to live as an alternative. Any info much appreciated!!!



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      take a nosy here, especially the bit about the lead levels

      here for housing in and around port pirie

      from adelaide PP is about 225kms, heres a map of towns inbetween, use the realestate link and search for housing, clare might be a good place


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      that's great thanks for that stevo

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      This is of course completely subjective, but I cannot imagine living in Port Pirie. To me, it's a very average looking small town in the middle of nowhere with not much to do and not the most forward thinking liberal attitude.

      For me, it'd be way too small and isolated. Living in a country town in Australia is very different from living in a country town in the UK, where you may live in the 'country' but are close to many other towns and never more than an hour or so from a major city. I go to Port Pirie a few times a year for work and my thoughts each time are 'urgh, I'm so glad I don't live anywhere like this.' However, that's just me and I'm sure there are plenty that love it.

      For me, some of the major drawcards about life in Australia are being near beautiful beaches and wine country... Port Pirie's landscape is pretty much a smelter! If you like to shop also, Adelaide isn't amazing, but in comparision to Port Pirie is a shopper's paradise! Can't imagine many job opportunities in certain areas there or many things for kids/teenagers to do outside of sport.

      The social scene in regards to restaurants, bars, theatre, festivals, cultural activities would be very limited. But again - you might go there and fall in love with the place... only you can know! Personally I would be bored to tears within a week.

      Pirie's one redeeming feature in my opinion - proximity to the beautiful Flinders Ranges for camping/walking etc.

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      Did some work in Port Pirie. Its a small town not pretty and quite a drive from Adelaide but its big bonus is that its close to the Flinders so if you like outdoor adventure stuff then its good. If you have kids they'll hate you when they reach their teens though!
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      Thanks very much for the replies we hadnt been keen on going but wanted to make sure it wasnt a hidden gem. Were both late 20's and i think we'd be far too isolated. thanks again
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