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    Thread: Neighbourhoods to avoid?

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      Quote Originally Posted by lastboyscout View Post
      I`ve been reading this thread with great interest.

      With us yet to make the big move, we have considered alot of things like schools, nice houses etc. but I still keep coming back to the same thing, that keeps going round in my head.

      Whilst alot of people on here have gone over to Adelaide with loads of money in the bank etc. we will not unfortunately be in that boat :( I have a job to go to which will pay about the same as here, but we are not going over to make our fortune. We are going over for a better quality of life, somewhere safe and secure for my family to grow, space to breathe and not feel `cramped in`, we hope to not feel that we need to buy this and that to keep up with the `Joneses` and to make a new start as we feel that this country has no more to offer my young family.

      We can all dream about owning the big house with a pool, but for us that is a very distant dream, one we hope to achieve with alot of hard work, but I took my rose tinted glasses off a while ago and know that it will be hard work both financially and emotionally, to settle the kids firstly, then Michelle and me after:)

      Anyone got a spare fiver?;)
      I'm with you on that one Lee. I am currently living in rental accommodation and have no savings. The only way i can make the move is by moving in with parents which i will be doing in a couple of months. That will give me a bit of savings at least. It will be interesting seeing how my parents cope with myself and my daughter who is 6 years old living there (i think they'll be buying the plane tickets for us). All the best with everything and although the dream of the big house and the pool may be distant at least you've got the dream. I know thats what im aiming for (might take about 30 years though).

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      Right, time for my 2 pences worth.

      Research, research, research followed by homework, homework, homework. Do not rush your decision.

      Make your decision on personal experience alone.

      Be open minded on all suburbs, you may end up somewhere unexpected.

      Don't be constrained by your choice of school, a lot of people commute with their children. The same can be said for your choice of workplace.

      Define your budget and stick to it, compromise where you have to. Do you really want your dream move to be tainted by putting every last cent on your mortgage.

      Expect to have difficulty getting a rental, it's a competitive market at the moment as demand is high.

      Get the family balance right, there's no point in having happy kids if the parents are unhappy with work/school/suburb etc.

      Adelaide and its surrounding areas are beautiful, there is something here for everyone, but to be truly happy you need to find that something.
      Some people find it hard to adjust, some people never do. Give it time, compromise and change things if you can.

      It's getting unsteady up here on my soapbox so i'll get down now.

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      anna niks
      my husband has managed to get hold of an old friend who has been out there for a year now and has moved a few times apparently, he is now in happy valley and says its nice there , and the surrounding suburbs like flagstaff hill are just as nice , he loves it there so it is just finding somewhere that suits you ,we are heading that way so when we finally make it i`ll let you no what we think x x

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      Quote Originally Posted by bentkitty View Post
      Hi - we will be moving to Adelaide in July and will rent furnished accommodation for the first few months - - we are both 30 something professionals with no kids.

      Can anyone offer some advice on desirable neighbourhoods / areas to avoid? It is so hard to get an honest opinion on this - none of the guide books tell you what the dodgy areas are!!!

      Hi Guys,
      I lived and worked in adelaide as a hawker of all things and so I went to every district in Adelaide selling c**P, it depends where your from to your view on a rough area - I'm a Londoner and lived in Kings cross in Sydney - Supposedly the 2nd worst place to be in NSW!! - after Redfern
      It was not a scratch on London and though a bit daunting at first I still feel more threatened walking about at night here than I did at any time in Kings Cross.
      The only issue I ever saw with Adelaide was the Gypsie Jokers shooting other biker gangs over drug money, I even went selling in their "home" area and though the people were nervous of me they treated me with respect and gave me no hassle whatsoever, I can't remember the area though someone on here may know it but they had a Fort made of wood around a few of their houses, other than that I never had an issue with any other suburb, though I wouldn't like to live near the "Fort". The Biker gangs were like the Uk gangs of old, they take pot shots at each other and leave everyone else alone generally.
      Defineitly visit the area you are going to move to first but apart from being quiet Adelaide was great all over - an Ozzie once commented to me:

      Adelaide is almost like living in nirvana - every so often something happens that reminds you that your not in paradice but the rest of the time you wouldn't be able to tell.

      Quite fitting really.

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      Quote Originally Posted by sarahsmartiepants View Post
      Where is the property you are going to rent?
      Also I see you are crazy cyclists! You will be ok here most of them are or have to be.

      whats hairdressing like out there, i'm a hairdresser awaiting visa , at the mo i own and run my own salon and wish to do the same in adelaide, do you have any tips, even mobile hairdressing. thanks for any advice ,jo

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      Ih ,there
      If You Could Tell Us Here In Adelaide What Kind Of Life Style You Are Hoping For Then I Think We Could Help More.
      Things Like Country Life Or Sea, Near Work , Schools Etc Then I Think You Will Get More Of An Acurate Picture

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      3 kids age 16,10 and 6 so close to schools would be great and work is not to much of an issue as i'm going to go mobile but nere to a shopping area would be great, also we like the outdoor like , thanks Jo

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      Quote Originally Posted by joanne View Post
      whats hairdressing like out there, i'm a hairdresser awaiting visa , at the mo i own and run my own salon and wish to do the same in adelaide, do you have any tips, even mobile hairdressing. thanks for any advice ,jo
      There are lots of salons here. i dont think i would do mobile as although you get places quicker here they are well spaced out.
      There is lots of pt time salon work (which suits me) and a few full time places.
      There doesnt seem to be much difference between hairdressing in th uk and here from what I can tell

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      Quote Originally Posted by sarahsmartiepants View Post
      There doesnt seem to be much difference between hairdressing in th uk and here from what I can tell

      Although I would imagine you will need to know how to cut a mullet;),



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