We did it the other way round.

The house was packed up as we left the UK and it is still en route now.
What I didn't want to happen was (with being left with little in the UK) I would up buying stuff to get over the interim period.
I would then end up with more stuff that I couldn't take with me.

So, we are sitting in a flat with a little bit of furniture waiting for our stuff to arrive. It's taken ages as it is a part-container; apparently it is now in Italy waiting for the next boat.
It's a pain "making do", but at least everything I buy here is not money wasted. I can keep it and use it even after all the other bits and bobs turn up.

There are some places that you can rent things from, furniture, white goods and so on.
As someone else said, things always turn out alright in the end; but hearing others' experiences can help you make choices as to what to do.

Best of luck with the move.

~ Rachel