• Short term rental accommodation, furnished rentals in port Noarlunga Adelaide, South Australia
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      Short-term house rental

      We are returning to the UK for 3 weeks from 10th April to 1st May and are looking to rent out our house in Woodcroft while we are away.

      It is a 4 bedroomed fully furnished house with pool and we are looking to get $350 a week which includes all bills apart from telephone usage.

      The house is 2 minutes from local shops etc.

      If anyone is interested please pm me.


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      Hi, we are traveling to Australia on the 7th April for 3 weeks, 1st week in Perth then flying over to Adelaide on the 14th for a week then to Taz on or around the 21st for a week or maybe less. The whole trip is for a recce of the different areas as we don't know where to live. Originaly it was going to be Perth but the prices are so high now, thats why we are looking at Adelaide and Taz, also Perth might be to hot. We have now been granted permanent residency so its also to activate the visa. So if your willing to rent for a week from the 14th April we would be very interested, I work as a technician for the police, my wife is a hairdresser and we have an 8 year old daughter. Can't wait to get over there so to plan our new lives.


      Steven Clark

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      Hi shaggy,
      We are very interested in your proposition, we arrive in adelaide on 12th April for the forseable future....We are Stu, Fiona, Louise(19) and Aaron(9) we've finally taken the plunge and booked our flights with singapore airlines, it's all a bit scary we need a short term rental so we can find our feet and look for something of our own near to a good school and with work for the rest of us...our only concern would be that it might take a bit longer than 3 weeks, mind you there is always motels and caravan parks i suppose...let us know

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      Hi Steven9586 and stufi1997

      Thanks for both your messages. We have actually now rented the house out so I am sorry but it is no longer available.

      We wish you all the very best for your new lives in Aus and hope you find everything you're looking for.

      Steve & Emma

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      No worries mate............we'll find a cardboard box in some corner of the docks , find a few old newspapers to keep the bairn warm and i'll sell Fiona's ass under some street light to feed us on those long cold dark nights... Naa we'll be alright shaggy, have a good one ... cheers bud. Stu...;)

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      Hope people who have posted on here have sorted places to stay out now. If not, take a look at www.downunderrentals.com.au

      GuzzlerandSas, Roo1, Tyke, Daleandjo, I know all have properties to rent. I know there are others too but can't think who they are.

      Woodcroft Caravan Park (another one at Brighton I think) are good.


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      Thanks for the link - we have been trying to find fully furnished accommodation at an affordable price and this is really helpful!!!


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