Hi guys,

Still not there but with your help I've been easily looking around for apartments/units and neighborhoods. I also decided to have a go at shared apartments and registered on two websites. I just want to hand it out to the people who're looking for shared apartments to beware of crooks using your details on these websites. They start sending out emails with pictures of an apartment, tell you about the amenities of the place and what they're looking for in a housemate, and ask you to write them back, you do and they immediately respond by asking you to wire the rent in advance.

Now, you haven't seen the place yet, there isn't any contract, and you don't know the person. Please don't send any money to people/landlords you haven't met yet, and be more careful when using room sharing websites. When you receive an email from a person telling you about their apartment compare it with the previous ones. There is always a consistent pattern in the stories.