• Short term rental accommodation, furnished rentals in port Noarlunga Adelaide, South Australia
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      I love this site, look at all the replies to one question. Hope these are all helpful to you. The Welcome to SA includes how to apply for the On Arrival Accommodation (OAA) that is cheap, furnished and basic. You can have this accommodation for up to 12 weeks. I thought it was allocated anywhere but have been told (on this site) since that you can ask for areas that you are interested in. Might be an option for you while you look for somewhere to live permanently. Its difficult to make a decision when you are not there. We thought about a reccie etc but with no firm dates to go what feels right now might not in 6-12 months time. Also theres the money and we don't have it for a reccie for a family of 5. Where abouts are you in Glasgow?? My mum and dad live in Eastwood, we moved away when I was 5 but they have returned about 15 years ago. Also got a brother in Barrhead. Good luck with everything, let me know how you get on with the OAA if you go for it.
      This is a brilliant site - everyone is so positive and helpful (even with the negative advice but really is better to know what we are getting ourselves into!!!)

      I best not say exactly where in Glasgow we are since I was complaining on other threads about it not being safe to leave the house after dark due to the ned population etc. We really don't live in a good area at all but we wanted on the property ladder and have been in our wee house for a few years now and our street is actually ok (touch wood n all that) but there are some scary incidents that happen mostly on fri/sat nights and during the school hols (esp towards the end of the hols when the rival gangs are really sick of each other.... I won't embelish!!!)

      Eastwood is a nice area I believe... I think it is near Rouken Glen park?!? Barrhead - don't really know it that well but was stranded at the railway station there one night years ago!!!! :embarrassed:

      Anyway, I hadn't heard about the OAA - sounds ideal! We would really need furnished accommodation at first and are looking to rent for a few months anyway since we have been told we won't be able to get a mortgage straight away... I dunno - I aint thinking too much about the actual red tape toooooo much at the moment cos we are trying to wade through some visa application red tape at the mo so hopefully everything will work out and we'll be asked to go for the medicals/police checks soon...

      Thanks again!!! Sorry for the waffle!!!

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      No problem with the info, we have learnt so much by asking questions and reading other peoples questions, that is what this site is all about. Hope all goes well for you. Don't worry about the move and the negatives, we have decided to deal with whatever problems we face when we get to them. We will miss our families but feel we need to give, in our opinion, ourselves and children a good start and attitude in life. We think we will get that in Adelaide.

      Good luck with it all.


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