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      Landlord's repair obligations - Advice please


      Does anyone know the time limit on rental repairs?

      My daughters gas heater was condemed 2 weeks ago and despite constantly chasing the real estate people up on a daily basis nothing has been done except the RE e-mailing the landlord who has not responded.

      Where does she stand legally as she is due to give birth in 5 days time, the house is freezing. She was told when she signed her agreement in January (summer) that the gas fire was in full working order but the engineer who inspected it and condemed it said that it could have killed them.

      I have phoned as well but no joy, I was polite and diplomatic but need something to throw at them next time I phone so need to get my legal facts right.

      Any info would be appreciated.

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      to find out your legal rights, give the tenancies tribunal a ring on
      131 882 website is

      I found if you tell the real estate that you are going to speak to tenancies tribunal that normally speeds things up.

      Who is the real estate you are renting through?



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