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      Short Term Pet Friendly home/caravan required.

      Ok, we arrive on the 1 Sept and have a short term rental for 9 days. So we need somewhere short term which allows dogs from the 10th Sept. We have two dogs a English springer spaniel and a jack Russell. We are not bothered if its a caravan, chalet or home . Can anyone send in my the right direction, found lots of short term rentals but not allowing pets.

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      I don't know how short term you mean, how much money you are willing to pay or how flexible you can be in regard to location but, all that to one side lol, when we go on short breaks with our two dogs we use:

      takeabreak.com.au or

      Put in "pet friendly" in the search criteria and a fair few will come up. Then, if your dogs are the softy indoor kind (like ours!) just check that dogs are permitted inside.

      You could check out the caravan sites like Big 4, West Beach, Adelaide Shores, Kingston Park etc. i know that dogs are usually banned during the Easter and Christmas hols but you might be ok in September :)

      We prefer to stay in 'proper' houses or shacks when we take the dogs with us as we like having the extra room and I worry the dogs would be a nuisance in a chalet (they have small-dog syndrome and might bark at people walking past. Apart from that, they are beautifully behaved.) Plus, I would want to make sure there is heating wherever you stay as it is still cold (IMO!) and that's nasty :(

      I just put in,"dog-friendly rentals in South Aus for September" as a search on Google and a few other options came up...might be worth a look?

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