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    Thread: Have i had my money stolen - you decide !!

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      I've been looking at this post and take the time to post a few thoughts upon it............ In red

      I need the help of everyone on PIA to help me understand if I am right or wrong....... whatever you guys decide, i will use as judgement on something, so please help
      Not the usual way of deciding a disagreement?

      Here are my points:

      The linen was perfect and unaffected when I left the property

      Did you take photographs, have witnesses????

      The linen was only damaged by the landlord AFTER i had left it with her

      And you can prove this?????

      She didn't consult me before going and replacing all of her linen

      There had actually been exchanges in communication.

      She used my deposit to REPLACE everything

      Ermmm - that is what a BOND is for! - your credit card would be debited if staying in a hotel.

      Did i do anything wrong ?


      Should i have done more ?


      What can i do now ?

      OCBA - I am sure the property owner will volunteer said damaged linen for tests, pass on photographs and ask me to be a witness.

      Your help would be greatly appreciated.


      No probs. Tyke
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      OMG never thought that I would be putting a message on here about something like this.

      There's always two sides to everything you know. I know the other side because I was there. I have been doing cleans for the past couple of years and I just spoke to the property owner as i have another clean tomorrow. She is in tears. such a softkind person totally honest and no way would she take your money. you have not been robbed mate and you know it.
      Let me give you the other side of things from someone who was there.
      And by the way max you forgot to say that her hubby told you to contact the consumer affairs people. You also fogot to tell people that you only e mailed her yesterday asking for things to get sorted. You also fogot to mention that you threatened to ruin her business on this site too. Shame on you.

      Here is the truth.
      I was there when you arrived. You were agressive and abusive from the start.
      That's not the point though is it but it does explain the owners relctance to speak to someone who's abusive.
      Did you mention to tell people that you told her that you didn't break anything too? I don't suppose that the broken plate in the bin counts does it? People have no morals nowadays.
      I need to stick to the point sorry.

      You ruined all the white towels and sheets. I arrived there 5 minutes after you left. The washing had been placed in front of the washer and a load of just whites was put on. Whatever was on the towels or bedding came from you.
      What hasn't been mentioned is that there's stuff that wasn't washed in that load. it still hasn't been washed and guess what. it's also stained with some sort of har dye or sun creme. you didn't menttion that your wife is a hardresser did you Max?
      What the owner also hasn't told you is that there are items that have blood on them too.Like I said she's a decent person and to call people and tell them that they have covered new bedding with blood can;t be easy. I suppose you will say that either she or myself bled on them?

      Just to sum everything up. the place was a total pigstye. one of the worste cleans ever in that house. The towels and bedding were all brand new. The owner attempted to get them clean. she's compulsive and washed and soaked and bleached them but whatever you put on them won't come out. She then sent the stuff ut to be landered but hey couldn't get them clean.
      She did contact you. told you that she had no choice but to replace it and you were told to conttact consumer affairs if unhappy.
      You were also told to that the stuff is not suitable to be be used and that it was packaged up for your collection.
      I have no problem appearing befor the consumer affairs people. What you have done is wrong. The owner won't take legal action against you but I reckon her hubby will for what you have done on this site.

      People have no principles anymore and it is shamful for what you have done on here when you havn't even contacted consumer affairs despite being told to by the owner last week.

      just to repeat.
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      I am going to close this thread, none of us know who is right or wrong and I think this matter needs to be dealt with off the forum. No one knows who the property owner is, in fact they didn't even know it was a PIA member as that part had been deleted prior, so by people coming on defending the owner and saying they are a member you have probably made matters worse.
      I hope the owner and the member manage to come to some kind of agreement.
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