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    Thread: Ideas of areas near Calvary North Adelaide

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      Ideas of areas near Calvary North Adelaide

      Hi folks

      I have put a few posts up lately regarding travel/Mawson Lakes etc but I am now looking for more advice. I have stated before I am going to be working at Calvary North Adelaide and want to live close to work for a smaller commute. I am moving with my husband and 3 children of primary age and we really don't know what areas around North Adelaide are good and what areas have good schools.

      It is all too confusing

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      As per my research the good schools are located in east part of Adelaide
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      Have a look at the link Howde has put up in the other similar thread http://www.pomsinadelaide.com/forum/...ing-stage.html
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      This link may also be of help. It will take you to suburbs ranked by % of number of professionals in the area. You can then click on suburbs handy to Nth Adelaide and see a lot of other data about the suburb, such as Naplan school ranking, % of children in the area etc.

      This may give you an idea of areas to hone in on when you get here.

      Just to give you a guide, Highbury, where we live, is considered a good middle class suburb in terms of schools, transport to the city (15kms), green spaces (in the foothills), income levels, home ownership etc. On this list, Highbury is ranked 9th with a professional worker % of 10%. Looking down this list I would look at any suburb ranked down to about 13. This is based on my knowledge from being brought up in Adelaide and proximity to North Adelaide.
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