Just been doing these for another one of our forums based on the ABS data. I know for Victoria it was spot on but as I don't know Adelaide I suppose only the members on here who currently live in Adelaide can tell us.

< 850: Forget it
850-950: Not that great.
950-1050: Average
1050-1150: Good area
1150+: Really good area

CAD West 902.7
South West Corner 952.4
South West Overlay 959.8
South Australia 983.3
City South 985.0
Greater Adelaide 993.2
Australia 1,002.0
CAD East 1,003.9
City of Adelaide 1,013.0
South East Overlay 1,017.5
South East Corner 1,024.7
Upper North Adelaide 1,071.0
Lower North Adelaide 1,089.1
Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics