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    Thread: Breaking the lease and not paying after final inspection

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      Question Breaking the lease and not paying after final inspection

      Has anyone any experience what happens when a person returns to UK, is breaking a lease and wants to pay their rent only till the last day of staying at the property? There are still more than 6 months of the lease contract left.
      I am sure that the agent can claim bond money to be used to cover for at least six weeks but if that is not enough? Will they put that person on some sort of a black list or something?

      I heard that at this time of the year a few weeks before Christmas the rental market is the slowest so there are little chances to rent the house during the next 6 weeks.

      Quite an unusual situation. Any opinions greatly appreciated.

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      I'm not sure that breaking lease is an "unusual situation" and presumably you're contractually obliged to pay the rent until someone else takes it over. Also presumably the agent won't chase you for the money but it's hardly the right thing to do is it? It's not the agent's house, it's a person's house and they'll still be liable for all the costs that go with owning a property whether it's tenanted or empty.

      If it was me I'd be trying to find a replacement tenant or trying to work something out with the agent in the six weeks I have left rather than trying to scheme my way out of paying if that doesn't happen.

      I suppose it depends on whether or not you're planning on returning to Australia to rent at sometime in the future.
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      As someone who is moving into a new rental this week, and had been going to lots of opens, I can tell you there are plenty of people looking at the moment. A lady I work with was telling me she knows five lots of people moving this week.

      But yes, they can use your bond, and you will also be blacklisted for rentals. There are a couple of companies who keep records on tennants. You can pay to see your own file.... But that isn't really relevant if you are not going to come back.

      Personally I think you should tell them ASAP so they can find someone. If it is not over priced and is a nice house there will be no problem.



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