I think this article is more of a “guideline” and works on averages and generalizations..

For example..

You might find generally..

Families like to own their own homes (offers stability, allows for modifications around the house, easier to have pets etc)..
The average size family (with kids) has 2-3 children, therefore the would need a home with 3-4 bedrooms..
The average size family home would need to be on a certain land size (you cant have a 3-4 bedroom home on a 200sqm block of land)..

Then would come the financial side of things, where…

The average family would be able to afford a certain mortgage amount. Remembering that having kids reduces the amount you can borrow as well as your disposable income (we all know that though)..
Based on what the average family can afford to buy AND what the average family would be looking to buy (3-4 bedroom home), you can then narrow suburbs down a bit..

Once you have suburbs in mind, you look at things like.. number of schools in the area, demographics, parks and facilities, shopping centres, closeness to beach, closeness to parents employment (generally being the city) etc.. It was these sorts of parameters (as well as the financial items i mentioned), which attracted me to the Aberfoyle Park/Happy Valley/ Flagstaff Hill suburbs.

So when you look at the list of Adelaide suburbs mentioned, you can see why they would appeal to the average family.

Of course, its not a “one size fits all”, but more of a generalisation based on averages