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      White goods in rentals

      Hi, just a quick question, do rentals in oz normally have white goods such as washing machines, fridges etc included? When I have rented in the uk, white goods were already in the houses even if unfurnished and wondering if it's the same in oz?


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      White goods in rentals

      Some white goods. Maybe all of them but I'd not expect it unless a high end rental or perhaps an apartment. I'd not normally expect washing machine, dishwasher or fridge in a UK rental or one here but that is just me. If they had them here it would be a bonus re dishwasher but have the other 2 things so don't need.

      I'd look on realestate.com.au and check out the rentals section. See what properties come with. It may vary house to house as some now have dishwashers fitted etc.

      I know when hubby rented the cooker was the only white good item included. He had to buy a fridge and used a launderette round the corner as he didn't want to buy a washing machine.

      Eta - I just looked through a handful of empty ones on realestate and they all had spaces where fridges go. So I'd expect to supply own fridge there. One had dishwasher installed. Another listed it as included and cooker but nothing else. None mentioned washing machine in laundry. The couple with pics of laundry didn't show one. Just 'laundry' listed on room list. I'd go out with probably needing to bring your own on those. Could always contact the letting agents and see what the form is.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Reena1991 View Post
      ....do rentals in oz normally have white goods such as washing machines, fridges etc included?
      No, simply because they would then be the landlords responsibility to maintain/repair/replace. Cookers and ovens are usually included as they are either hard wired to the house supply or connected to the gas supply, neither of which you would want a tenant messing around with.



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