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    Thread: Flagstaff Hill

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      Flagstaff Hill

      Hi, can anybody tell me what the secondary school is called in this area and is Flagstaff a nice area to start? Is there lots to do there for kids?

      Look forward to your advice.


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      I have just checked the map. There is no High School in Flagstaff Hill itself. The nearest one is in Aberfoyle Park - Aberfoyle Park High School. This is a good school, I worked there doing a few days supply teaching last year. I have friends who send their children there and they are pleased.

      I don't think there is much for the kids to do in Flagstaff but someone who lives there may be able to give you better information because to be truthful I haven't really spent much time over that way. There is alot for kids to do at Marion and the buses there would be regular from Flagstaff. There would also be buses into the city.

      I am sorry I cannot be more help. Good luck


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      Hi My name is Debbie, I live in Flagstaff Hill and work in Flagstaff Hill real estate office - Ray White I am Scottish and have been here for 2 years. Flagstaff Hill is a fantastic base. The local primary is excellent, flagstaff Hill primary school, check out the school website.

      Flagstaff Hill is a 10 min drive straight down to the beach, 5 minutes from the Marion shopping centre, which is the largest in SA. 3 minutes to the main expressway, really affordable housing with large plots (compared to the areas down nearer the beach/city), its a 25 min drive straight into the city and has a great bus service. Its a great base for lots of the High Schools in the area which means you can consider lots of options. A lot of British people have settled here and have built up a lovely community.
      The only negative I can find is that its not on the train line route.
      The real estate office I work in is beside the local shops, feel free to pop in when you arrive in the area for some advice on the real estate process. (that goes for anyone who is looking for a house in the area of flagstaff Hill.) The owners of the shop are really friendly and kean to help out all the British with advice on purchasing and renting.
      Good luck - seriously consider Flagstaff Hill its lovely. Let me know if there is anything else you want to know about the area.


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