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      how easy is it to get rented accom when you have a dog with you.

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      Hi Pez.

      Some landlords do allow pets.
      I don't know the percentage though

      It will limit your search in an already short supply market though.

      Perhaps not what you wanted to hear .

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      Dogs and rentals

      Hi. We weren't told that you have almighty problems when trying to get accom with a dog and ended up staying in horrid acc when we got here. Then someone told us not to mention the dog, and after having a conscience attack we ended up having to do that, otherwise end up with accom that I wouldn't put my dog in!
      i hope that you don't have so many problems, contact me again if I can help.

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      Hi ya

      The answer is extremly! We asked the Immigration before we got here and they told us it was OK but when we got here we found it vertually impossible! The want extra money and all the 'dog friendly' rentals are disgusting, and still want you to keep your dog outside!
      We ended up saying that he was an 'outside' dog, knowing full well that he is extremely clean and tidy and that when we had out inspections we would have to make sure that he was outside!
      It worked and we got an OK rental, but it is very difficult and very tiring and stressful trying to get somewhere.
      Let me know if I can help you anymore?



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      We had the same experience but were really lucky to find somewhere lovely - opposite the beach - a really nice house - so it can be done. We did the same and said ours was a "yard dog" (yeah right) but took extra time cleaning up the dog hair before inspections. Try telling a nice story about your dog - ours became a "retired police dog" - retired because her temperament was too nice.
      nb. We are moving from our house on 16th July if you need a place that takes dogs around that time.

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      The Bowmans
      Hi guys

      What about cats? My cats are pedigree and largely house cats.........




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