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      Wanted 4 Bedroom Short Term Furnished Rental

      I have been looking at the majority of rental websites but I am having difficulty in finding a 4 bedroomed furnished rental with 2 living area for the 6th Aug to 24 Aug.

      I have tried Adelaide now classified rentals and some people who advertise on here, adelaide short term rental and some other websites but I can not find anywhere close to Adelaide with 2 living areas and 3/4 bedrooms.

      4 bedroomed rentals seem to be in short supply unless you travel out to Middleton or areas with a similar distance.

      We need either a 3 or 4 bedroomed accomodation that has 2 separate living areas. This second living area will keep peace with the family, so its essential as the age range in our family is from 86 years to 10 years.

      Does any one know of any websites like multimap which I can use to work out the distance of the different areas I have been told Middleton is about 1 hours drive from Adelaide However, on a website it states its 1 hr 40 minutes.

      many thanks


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      Can't help on the rental front but have a look on google earth for distances as you can mark different areas and find out distances etc.


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      Hi Lyn

      I definitely say that from Middleton to the centre of Adelaide it's an hour and 40 mins.

      Can't help on the 4 bed rentals,just not many about at all I'm afraid.

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      I am just finishing off a website for a 4 bed furnished rental in Mclaren Vale that is spectacular!! The house is lovely and available short term and is fully furnished with pool. Let me know if you are interested and I will forward you the owners details and the web address

      I have been to see this house to take some photos for the site and it is gorgeous and in a lovely area, owners are very friendly too and expats themselves. You can see it online now Mclaren Cottage
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