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      pets in rented houses

      Hi PIA could anyone tell me if you are allowed to keep pets in a rented house as we have a staffie witch we are taking with us.We will probably rent for the first 6-12 months then have a place built appreciate any replies thanks

      John and Mandy

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      Hi John and Mandy,
      If you look at the houses to rent at www.realestate.com.au each rental usually says either no pets or pets considered.
      Hope this helps.
      Laura x

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      We've two cats and find that having pets does seriously limit your options on the rental front. Generally the houses that don't mind pets are either the very expensive upmarket places (they don't mind the mess animals could potentially make because they're squeezing all the dosh they can out of you) or the older, grottier houses that most people don't want to live in but end up having to because there are so few rentals available. I'd say for every five houses that come up for rental, perhaps only 1 or 2 will say 'pets negotiable' and in general small pets are preferred over large ones. So Rottweilers and Great Danes are out. (!)


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