• Short term rental accommodation, furnished rentals in port Noarlunga Adelaide, South Australia
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      Southern Suburbs

      Can anyone give me their thoughts/opinions on the following areas with regards to the neighbourhood, schooling, access to shops etc:

      Happy Valley
      Reynalla East
      Old Reynella
      Fountain Valley
      Aberfoyle park
      Flagstaff Hill

      I appreciate everyone has their own opinions, likes/dislikes etc but any feedback would be helpfull.

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      Mine go to school in Aberfoyle park, I like it there, got some good shops, I like the Reynellas and Happy valley, Flagstaff hill is nice too. They are all about the same to me, some have good shops some dont but its not far from shops so it doesnt matter. Sorry dont even know where Fountain Vally or Woodlea is

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      Thanks sarah, so they are not rough areas then? are the secondary schools ok in this area?

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      I should hope they aren't rough areas...I live in one of them!!!!!!!

      They are older suburbs, established, very few plots if any to build one. Good family suburbs with lots of schools.

      Reynella East High and Aberfoyle Park have very good reputations as schools. One of mine goes to REHS and we are very happy.

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      Like Sarah i haven't heard of fountain valley and Woodlea but i suppose thats a good thing as bad news travels faster than good.
      All the others are nice established areas and reasonably priced.

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      Hi we have looked at the high school in Aberfoyle and they are bursting at the seems in years 9 and 12 they have 37 children in them! We looked at a rental house in Happy Valley, because they havn't got a high school, I couldn't get my kids into Aberfoyle because I wasn't in the catchment area, so we had to turn down the house, Reynella was also over subscribed. Have found the whole house hunting and school hunting very, very frustrating!

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      The only area I can think of as being Fountain Valley is part of Happy Valley close to the doctors there (which is called Fountain Valley Medical Practice). Maybe you mean Woodcroft rather than Woodlea? (So much new information to take in!)


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      All the area's you have covered are all within a few kilometres of each other a most leafy suburbs about 25 kilometres South of Adelaide CBD.

      You certainly have a choice of several schools within those areas and also a good variety of Shopping Centres.

      Fountain Valley is apart or on the edge of Happy Valley again a nice area to live but I am not sure about Woodlea.

      Woodlea maybe an Estate which is really apart of Woodcroft which is the suburb south of Happy Valley and Reynella.

      We have lived in Happy Valley for 8 Years and have enjoyed the area very much.

      Good Luck

      Dale & Jo

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      Thankyou to everyone that has provided information. The reason I mentioned these areas is that they all seem reasonably priced. I am in the early stages of visa process and want to do as much research as possibly early on. Initially if/when we come over would look at renting then maybe after 6/12 months buy. Thanks again

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      I notice you mentioned that the schools are bursting at the seams for some year groups. does that mean if you are in the catchment area and the school year is oversubscried then they can reject your application?


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