Does anybody know the best way to go about looking for a rental for 1 month during September?
I already live here (Reynella) but need somewhere to stay for just the month with another person when they come to visit. The only rentals that I have seen are all 4 bedroom, when all I need is a 1 or 2 bed max unit or anything!!! Does anyone on here have, or know somebody with such accommodation or know of any good rental agencies. I know it is likely to be a holiday let agency but thatís fine.
The location isnít a problem, the budget is the bigger worry but I would be grateful for any feedback, the cheapest place I've found is $600p/w furnished. Iíve spent 6 hours today driving around the coastal areas (from Christies Beach upwards) but found nothing as I say location isnít an issue so all suggestions are grateful received.
Thank you very much