• Short term rental accommodation, furnished rentals in port Noarlunga Adelaide, South Australia
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      Exclamation Calling all lease-breakers dahn sahf

      Hi PIA's - newbie here defecting from another Adelaide message board and looking for some help:)

      We've just been notified of a change of circumstances with our landlord that requires them to sell our rental. We've been in the "sitting tennants making way for open inspections" before, and have no desire to go through it again (especially in a house that we really don't like), so are looking for a new rental.

      We are looking for 6months (give or take) in the Seaford/Moana/Pt Noarlunga Sth area. And the sticking point with many places - it must accept pets

      If anybody is about to drop out of a rental or knows of anything coming up in the next few weeks, please drop us a message. I so love dealing with agents and their rental application process


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      ....was it something the members said?

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      Hi Chris and welcome to PIA! Doesn't matter where you've defected from, we welcome all comers! Don't know of any lease breakers in those areas at the mo but will keep an ear out for you. Good luck!
      Liz, Rich, Hattie, Rory and Trev the dog.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Catherine View Post

      ....was it something the members said?
      Na - perhaps defecting was the wrong word as I haven't renounced my previous affiliation:) More coverage, more chances and all that...

      Hi Rich & Liz - see you next weekend as long as we're not moving ;)
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      The Wright Move
      Hi Chris,
      We have a private, rental property in Happy Valley, (10 mins from Nourlunga) pets ok. Not sure if this is too far north for you!
      Would appreciate a quick reply, as we are looking to find a tennant quickly.
      Good luck
      Wendy and Jim

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      Probably too far north unfortunately - balancing work and school runs is pretty tight as it is for Mrs Mezza. Thanks for the thought Wendy & Jim.

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      Just to close this loop, we managed to secure a rental in Pt Noar Sth at the weekend (phew). Thanks for all the info.


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