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      holiday property in highbury areas


      Me and my family r coming to adelaide 4 xmas and we r looking for some accomadation within the highbury area within 10-15 mins as we have family here if anyone can help please send info


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      Well there is the Highbury Hotel but I'm not sure its what you'd call holiday accomodation, trouble is up here in the Northern suburbs isn't what you'd call holiday material. http://www.highburyhotel.com.au/

      I couldn't in fact find anything in Highbury or surrounds. Maybe Diane will know, she lives in Highbury. You could try in the hills a bit like Norton Summit, nor far from Highbury, I found this guest house, no web site tho CrescentDrive
      Norton Summit, SA, 5136 Telephone:08 8390 1329

      Or Gummeracha (said Gum-er-ak-a)
      Murray Street
      Gumeracha, SA, 5233 Telephone:0418 66 4238
      Chain of Ponds
      Main Road
      Gumeracha, SA, 5233 Telephone:0418 82 6687

      These are all guest houses, there are no resort or hotel type accomodation

      The nearest holiday village is Highway 1. Its a caravan, cabin type place, not very picturesque though. Its on the main Port Wakefield Road which can get very busy but I know the park is good. About 20 minutes from Highbury. http://www.highway1touristpark.com/ or maybe Levi park, In between Highbury and the City. http://www.levipark.com.au/

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      On top of the hill in Salisbury Heights


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