• Short term rental accommodation, furnished rentals in port Noarlunga Adelaide, South Australia
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      Quote Originally Posted by the4hopes View Post
      Hi Swampo,
      We have been lucky enough to find an apartment for 6 weeks when we arrive, in Oct. How many are there of you, have you tried Midway apartments?
      The stressful bit for us at the moment is waiting for the house completion, we have had no date yet so living day to day worrying if or when it is going to happen, and what to do if it doesn't. We know our buyers and we still don't feel confident!!!
      When are you going? and where are you in Worcestershire? There are just the two of us
      Laura x

      That is very stressfull. Fingers crossed it happens soon. At least we have gotten over that hurdle. Living with Mother in Law at the moment until we go on 9th October.

      Not really apartment people, really looking for a house. Have got a couple of enquiries going at the mo so fingers crossed.

      We are in Redditch, where are you?

      Kev & Mall
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      OMG! I just feel like banging my head up the wall!!! I just hope our house sells and we can rent in the UK for the time being. With Max being rained off from work 90% of the time or actually being out of work due to lack of it, the bills just get behind and there's nothing you can do. Showing evidence of up to date mortgage, bills etc will be a near impossibility for anyone in the building I shouldn't wonder. We want to pay all the crap off and reduce our out goings for a while to ease the pressure of just living here!! Even to put the house on the market we got to spend on that damn house pack the government insist we all have. Think I might load my tent and live in that in OZ and make sure I have plenty of bug spray cus I can't see us getting anything to rent at this rate with the points system in place.

      Quote Originally Posted by swampo View Post
      Just having the nightmare of finding a rental before we arrive in October.!! I expect you have done all the usual things realestate.com & domain.com ? Don't expect all the agents to reply to your emails, they don't! It helps if you have someone over in Adelaide to go and do a viewing for you as most agents won't lease if you havn't seen a property, (they dont make it easy for you). You wil also need to be able to send them copies of things like passports/visas, driving licences, rental receipts and/or morgage statements, they have a 100 point system which you must comply with. Most of the properties I have see on the net say pets negotable.

      Good luck.

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      The points system varies between agents - most of the time, your passport, driver's licence, medicare card will do.
      Keep an eye on the local rags (messenger / tiser) for rental listings, as many private landlords are little less restrictive when it comes to pets.
      Bigger bond, up-front rental payments, and agreeing to have the pets outside at all times (yeah, ok!) are other ways to get the rental you want with animals in tow. Photo's are also useful.
      Statements from vets on your pets behaviour, references from friends / neighbours etc are other things that people advised us. To be honest, we never needed them.
      As with a lot of things over here, timing and being able to communicate face-to-face are everything. Keep looking at the right rental will turn up, although be prepared for some shockers!
      We've just got our 3rd rental (with 2 dog + 2 cats) - so it's not a closed market. Speaking to EA's, they said that "pegs neg" is becoming more common, as landlords are realising that "no pets" does not necessarily mean a better tennant :)


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