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      David Brown

      rental in January/Feb- must love dog

      Hi there

      We've just joined the site and we (two ads two kids and medium/large dog (pointer)) are looking for somewhere on arrival in Adelaide in mid January/Feb. We might be able to get short-term accom for three weeks or so funded by my work (at the uni) but then we need a longer term rental so we can look around and buy in future.

      We'll consider anything 3 bed within 40 mins or so, because we realise with the dog we'll need to be flexible. Dog is well behaved though would probably need to be fenced in as is used to living in the country.

      We would love some general advice re letting with dogs, or any specific properties that we could PM about. We are in NZ till Jan but may be able to pop over in Nov if necessary.


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      We sent the dog out a week after we had left - left her with my mother - it meant that we had a good six weeks to find a rental that would allow her in.

      There are plenty of rentals advertised that say pets neg. but you really need to see them before making a decision - be honest with the estate agents and they will help you - we only had a negative response from one Estate Agency.


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      David Brown


      Thanks Julie, sounds like a plan



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