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      Cool adelaide compared to perth

      can anyone tell me how Adelaide stacks up compared to Perth , Lived in Perth for 4 Years . I am returning to live in Oz and Iam considering living in Adelaide.
      Whats the standard of living like and is it a good as Perth???

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      hi welcome to the site! haven't been to either .......yet! I think that adelaide is less expensive, certainly for housing, about 1/3 less for the same size/type, my employer out there says that is a more relaxed atmosphere & people are very friendly & not as competitive (ie the "JONES") as they are in the uk - she emigrated out there 11 years ago & never looked back!
      hopefully someone who has been to both can answer this for you!
      which visa are you going to apply for?
      steph x
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      Wink perth v adelaide

      Hi thanks for your reply, I am a Aussi citizen, so I am quite lucky as i dont have to go through all the red tape of emigrating ,been back home in the UK for the past 2 yrs and Now want to return to live in Adelaide. The UK has changed too much for me, I want a relaxed laid back life, so oz here I come!!!
      Hope I can get some more feedback from people,Perth was great (easy going) but the older I get I want more laid back enviroment and I think Adelaide will give me that.


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      Perth v Adelaide

      Just spotted your post.
      We too lived in Perth a few years ago. Recently went back to have a rekkie - gosh, how expensive are the houses now! We really don't think we would be able to afford a decent house there now, whereas Adelaide does still seem achievable.
      Perth is growing and growing, and the roads are very very busy.
      They are finalising the rail link from Perth to Mandurah, but at the same time, the southern suburbs are expanding, and they have just had approval to build a completley new city between Rockingham and Mandurah (like Joondalup in the north).
      It is still a great place though..... lots of opportunities for work and lifestyle.
      Ourselves, we are going to consider Adelaide later this year
      Good luck

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      Housing prices in Perth have certainly exploded in Perth over the past few years (much more than in Adelaide, which still have been steadily increasing too). General price of living would be more expensive in Perth too I believe as there is more distance to transport things from the south and east of Australia. I've heard that Perth is more business-focused and fast paced ("the new Sydney"), but can't confirm that.

      Adelaide is still very relaxed for all ages, but has pockets of activity.



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