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      Rental Reference ..... what to write?

      Hi Any suggestions for what to put into reference to take to Adelaide from our current landlord?

      What info puts you in a favourable position? We are private renting at the minute in UK for last 16 months with same landlord!

      We would be looking for a 1 bed furnished nearish to the beaches anywhere from North Haven down to Brighton area, but not right by te beach, 5/10 min walk. Is there a lot of demand for 1 bedders around start Feb?

      Thanks Caroline x

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      theres quite alot of development going on up north port adelaide west lakes way so i wouldnt have thought 1 bed would be a problem. We have been up in semaphore today and its lovely up there :)

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      Ask landlord to say that you are good payers, look after the rental and that your deposit will be returned. Along with that we scanned in morgage statements, utilities bills, council tax etc to show that we paid our bills along the way.

      After a huge struggle to get responses from Oz re rentals, we found a 'tame' agent who has been absolutely wonderful with us. Now have a rental ready for us when we get there 11th October. Good luck with search and move.

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      TC for short
      I got my bank manager to write a financial reference - stuff along the lines of reliable income, pays bills on time, stays in the black & can afford to rent etc. Obviously all lies!
      I also heard (from locals) that dress is important so we went a bit up from smart-casual - chinos & jacket for me & dress for the OH.
      I have absolutely no idea whether either tactic helped but we did get the first house we applied for.

      I have noticed that as far as rentals go four-or-more bedrooms seem fairly rare, and a lot which are described as four-beds turn out to be three real bedrooms & one dining-room/family room.


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