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      Rental - Aldinga Beach

      After reading Pete's post re rentals, I spent most of Saturday emailing various sources to secure a rental. Got an email today offering us a rental in Aldinga Beach. Any views/advice would be appreciated. We have and 12 year old and 8 year old so any schooling info would be great. Thanks

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      Don't know too much about Aldinga apart from the fact that you can drive your car onto the beach down there and it is a lovely beach. It is quite a long way out from Adelaide and this might be something to consider.

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      Hi Loobylou,
      We rent down in Aldinga Beach and it is lovely! I work at Flinders Medical Centre at Bedford park and it takes me between 25-35 minutes commute depending on traffic and the southern expressway. We didn't like the primary school in Aldinga although there is a good Catholic primary here. Our kids (8 & 10) go to Willunga primary which is great. The secondary school for the area is also in Willunga so check out the schools websites. There is also a quite nice but pricey private school Tattachilla that has quite a good reputation quite close by. There is a bus service for the schools from Aldinga Beach as well.
      Aldinga Beach is a quiet suburb and used to be a weekend retreat place for Adelaidians. There is a serious amount of building going on down here with three separate estates being built in the last few years. The infrastructure is catchig up as well. It has a developing shopping centre with a Coles supermarket, butcher, baker, greengrocer, bottleshop, post office, chemist etc. It has a few take aways and a pub in Aldinga itself. We find that all the essentials are here, but if you want anything specialised you will need to go further afield. There is also good medical and dental facilities here as well.
      Any further info, PM me!


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      We are also renting in Aldinga Beach, been here just under 4 weeks. We really like it here, nice quiet friendly suburb. Loads of people have said to me that they think its too far south of the city but we do not feel that yet, as we have no call to go into the city.

      My kids go to Southern Vales, we didn't like Aldinga Primary either, but we are really happy with Southern Vales and the kids have settled sooooooo well.

      My advice would be to wait tho' as there is no shortage of rentals in this area (so many brand new ones aswell), we only applied for 2 and got both. We had the keys in less than 2 weeks from landing. I just worry that what looks nice on the internet may not be so nice in reality. Or PM me the address and I don't mind having a drive past tomorrow for you.

      If I can help with anything else, just give me a PM.


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      Aldinga to Adelaide is similar in distance from yourselves to Perth.

      Can't help with schools.

      The beach is beautiful and the surrounding area is open.

      It's easy to go north, south and east from there also.

      Good luck and I hope this helps you judge distance etc!


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      My parents have bought in Aldinga on the Sunday Estate and can't wait to move into their new house.
      If you are prepared to travel (if you are working in the city), its not a bad place to live.
      Judi x


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