Im an Aussie and my partner is Irish, (we are 32yrs) we are looking for:
- a unfurnished apt in the CBD, Metro or beach areas (1+bedrooms)
- share house furnished or unfurnished, till Feb 24th or May 09 flex on locations
- unfurnished or furnished house

Our situation: We are going o/seas Feb 24th, I am coming back March 23 but my partner is staying for about 2 months, so we can either get somewhere short term (till Feb 24th approx.) or longer term, We need somewhere asap as our lease finished and we are renting our apt out as student accomodation. We have our furniture in storage therefore are flexible on furnished or unfurnished.

If you have a place or know of anything please call me (Bec) 0431 334 087 or email