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      found another good one www.westwoodsa.com.au and click on display village and there is another 5 builders i think these are in or towards the northern suburbs which i know every one lookes towards the south but these might be worth a look. cheers Graham

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      Neil uses www.domain.com.au - click on new developments and scroll down to land / house packages. Prices really are unbelievable.

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      i know that when we had tennants in our house they had just started the building process
      they ended up renting for two years! but knowing what kind of tennants they were i could believe it!!

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      Thank you for the websites - will have a look tonight and save them to my favorites!!


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      probably common knowledge?
      we looked at land and build packages in flagstaf area while on holiday. the prices did not include foundations, services, fencing/walls and landscaping etc
      good luck
      the maxwell house

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      Quote Originally Posted by graandjac View Post
      Try this one www.statesman-homes.com.au the prices seem too good to be true , so i think the extra costs thing just bring the true cost out, conclusion ...... if it is too good to be true maybe it is, ?!?! cheers Gra & Jac


      We are currently building with Statesman, the prices they quote are for each house design with their allocated specs, the extras you pay for are your slab (footings), after a site inspection they advise you of a price, determined by quality of soil (soil reports), sloping block needing cut or fill, retaing walls etc.
      Once they "fix" this price they honour it even if they hit problems when excavation starts.
      Before they start work you go to colours selection where you start selecting your finishes, this is where the cost can dramatically rise upgrading the basic package.
      If you don't upgrade you don't pay any extra, saying that we upgraded loads, getting the house to look how we wanted it and ended up spending an extra $75000.

      A couple of other points to note basic package in most cases will not include

      Rainwater tank

      Prices are pretty good especially when your in the UK converting things back to pounds and don't forget you need to find and buy land (easier said than done)

      All the best


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      Nor retaining walls , Fences and flyscreens.

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      Question foundations

      hi can anyone tell me what sort of prices we will be looking at for the foundations/footings/slab? have tried to find a price on the internet with no joy any info appreciated!

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      Impossible to give a price because each block will be different, reactive soil, rocky, clay,fill,single storey, double storey the list goes on, our slab 300m2 single storey on average soil ??? prepared the site myself via contractors $6500, slab $15000 not a lot of help I'm afraid,

      Good luck


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      Thanx guzzler it does help a bit! we are looking at about the same sort of size (4 bed 1 storey) better than no reply!:)
      steph x


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