We hope that this helps somebody out.

When we were looking for our rental the Banking Service Rep in our local WestPac branch told us of her mothers house that was soon to become available as the current tenant was moving out.
Well its available from Monday 1st Dec. It's a 3 bed 2 bathroom house at 9 Killara Street, Angle Park 5010.
The agent is Adelaide Property Plus his name is Carlo and he can be contacted on (08) 8445 6999
It's only $300 per week which is very reasonable. It can be viewed on Real Estate.com at: http://www.realestate.com.au/cgi-bin/rsearch?a=o&id=403424462&f=0&p=30&t=ren&ty=&fmt=&h eader=&cc=&c=20295286&s=sa&snf=rbs&tm=1227528747

Don't know if it will help in any way but say you were given the information about the house from somebody who knows the owners daughter "Kristy"

Good luck it looks like a nice house.

Martin and Val