• Short term rental accommodation, furnished rentals in port Noarlunga Adelaide, South Australia
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      Letting Agents,inspections.

      Hi,we are due our first ever inspection soon,what should we expect beside the obvious?are they ridiculously pernickety?i.e fingermarks on walls,glass?Cobwebs outside,weeds in garden,fallen leaves etc.Its just that weve heard some horror stories where they attempt to keep the bond,or part of it,for the most ridiculous general everyday wear and tear to a property.Also,if at the end of the lease there is a dispute,then is there a citizens advice type bureau where one can seek advice? :daydreaming:

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      our landlord did ours and we had a list as long as anything Cobwebs on windows outside, blue tack on walls (we had put my 2 year olds paining on the wardrobe), weeds in the garden,marks on carpets but I too have heard terrible things we have moved out now so we''ll see how much bond we get back


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