Just wanted to give a recommendation for anyone looking for temparary accommodation when arriving in Australia. We have just bought a house in Hallett Cove and are due to move in on 9th January and have to say goodbye to our temperary accommodation in Marino. We were origionally intending to stay for a couple of weeks but have ended up staying for just over 3 months while we settled into live in Oz and decided where we wanted to live.

We have loved every minute of our time here. The location is great, just opposite the train station, 5 minute walk to the beach and just up the road from Brighton.

The people we have been renting from have been fantastic and have really helped us settle in. The place is ideal for a couple who need a one bedroom place in a great location when they first arrive.

If anyone is interested send a PM to Panther on PIA with your details.

Ade and Emma