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      aldinga?aldinga beach?

      hi,have been looking at houses for sale in aldinga and adinga beach.can anyone tell us what these areas are like please,also for schools etc.any help greatly recieved.:)

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      I can't really give an opinion on schools as I don't have children but Aldinga is a nice area. My doctors surgery is there as I can never get into the ones in Seaford. Nice beach. Has a shopping centre that has everything you need.

      Bear in mind, the commute to the city is 1 hour each way though but if you're not working in the City then you don't need to worry.

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      hi,thanks for that,looks really nice,some of the houses looks quite new,but not sure if a bit far.tracy.

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      we recced last summer and aldinga was second to victor harbor for dream living and value for money house prices - i want to be on a true surf beach with countryside around coastal headlands and lovely walks at h and.......

      but - if youre looking for work then obviously the city has the biggest opportunities for work so you may need to be closer to commute - aldinga isnt a pleasant drive imho once you think youre at the outskirts of the city you have mile after mile of traffic lights and id imagine that would be a drain in time.........

      also aldinga is one flat coastal plain increasingly being built over - in many years time it may well have character but until then its as described - alot of new builds so if you l ike your greenery and mature gardens look elswhere

      we heared alot of younger families cannot afford housing in adleaide itself and are being squeezed out to areas like aldinga so you would hope as well as the new build houses it is being also developed with the neccessary infrastructure of education housing etc - which aint always what they do in the uk....

      i would love to live at silver sands aldinga beach - just for the postal address for my mates here :) - but i fear jobsearching will make it unlikely
      if i got a job in aldinga then id live in middleton - victor harbour - i could grow old happily there helping out with the whale watching and penguin counts

      one thing for sure with aldinga - good investment for the future as it sure looked like an area that is going to grow - its all very subjective areas to live and youll rarely ever hear someone say they live in a poopoo area so best to ask research and keep dreaming on realestate

      all the best

      home is where the heart is happest i say

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      Dose anyone know if the 1 hr from aldinga to CBD is at preak time of when its quieter.

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      Like alot of people we were very inetrested with Aldinga/ Willunga area when we were in the UK.

      And we still are. But

      ...although it is not THAT far from Adelaide in terms of distance, the drive is slow (remember, the Aussies can't drive but they do stick to their limits) and about 45mins to 1hr during quiet times.

      Although the facilities like shopping malls, sport centres etc are planned, there isn't that much there at the moment. We felt that although it was great, in order to settle in Australia we needed to be in an established community rather than one that was establishing itself. The Aussies who go there are taking their friends with them, so to speak whereas we, like many, have got to find new ones and due to the building going on, it may be a bit harder.

      We would like to buy a piece of land in Aldinga as an investment and build on it later but we will need to check regulations out.

      Hope this helps.


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      Sorry, a late post, but it caught my attention as my family has a house at Silver Sands, Aldinga Beach.

      Silver Sands and Sellicks Beach are much more "old-school" and natural (for example, lots of scrub, right on the beach, infront of the Mount Lofty ranges hills, larger blocks) than the town Aldinga (which is a bit more inland and has most of the shops) and even some more northern parts of Aldinga Beach (which are getting the new house and land developments at the speed of sound).

      The 1 hour commute would be in peak hour by driving. In off-peak time it is possible to drive safely and do it in 40 minutes. There is a "southern expressway" which is one-way for 10 hours of the day, then the other way for 10 hours, with 4 hours of maintenance a day (approx). This is open from south to the city in the morning and city to south in the afternoon so that people from Aldinga areas can get into the city quickly. There are no traffic lights and it is 3 lanes. As well, a new freeway (2 way) is being considered to be built, and a rail station has been in the works for a while. There are buses which pick you up from your door or end of street (for cost of ordinary public transport, about $3 for 2 hours unlimited travel) and can take you to Noarlunga or surrounding areas like McLaren Vale.


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      hi zippy,lots of imformation,thankyou very much.tracy.

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      Quote Originally Posted by tracynsteve View Post
      hi,have been looking at houses for sale in aldinga and adinga beach.can anyone tell us what these areas are like please,also for schools etc.any help greatly recieved.:)
      HI !
      I lived inAldinga for 4 years and loved it .
      I did find that i used to always go north for everything that we did so for us it was aliitle far out but besides that i really did like the casual and relaxed lifestyle that it could offer!


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