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      Smile Adelaide Hills - Stirling / Aldgate

      Hi everyone

      I have (hopefully) been offered a job at one of the hospitals in Adelaide. However, my family and I are very keen to live outside of the city. We are looking at areas such as Aldgate and Stirling, and would appreciate any comments or info anyone has.

      We would like to move somewhere fairly green (I know, not overly easy in SA), and stand a chance of being able to afford a reasonable size plot of land eventually. I have a feeling these areas might be fairly expensive though, briefly looking at some real estate sites. From what I understand, it's an easy 1/2 hour commute to the city.

      My main concerns are: I have 2 children aged 9 and 7. Will there be enough there to keep them occupied, or will I keep having to drive them into the city for after school activities etc (especially as they get older). And does anyone know anything about the schools there (or should I have posted that in a different area?)

      Is property available to rent/affordable to buy in these areas?

      ANY info very gratefully received, or suggestions of other areas to look at.

      Regards to all,


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      Hi Debs

      We are going to the hills too, Blackwood, which is not as far "up" the hill as Aldgate and Stirling. You are right, these areas do tend to be a little more expensive. We stayed in Aldgate on our reccie and yes there are rental properties available, but they are few and far between, or they were in August, and they are more expensive.

      There is a lot to do in the hills, its not as remote as I expected. I expected rolling hills, houses, fields and nothing else. Not so, there is lots of stuff to do and the schools there generally have good reports too. Most schools offer out of school activities of all natures so I wouldnt worry about this too much. Yes 20-30 mins to the city, traffic depending, is about right, its a lovely drive too down Shepherds Hill Road, you get excellent views of the city and the coast.

      Good luck with the search, it's certainly not impossible!

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      I have been in Adelaide for 6 months and have just baught a house in Aldgate. It is beautiful up here, even though with the heat of the sun things are starting to look a bit brown. I rented for a few months near Glen Osmond and managed to get my daughter into a good local state school. She is 13 and now is able to go to the same school, as there is a good bus link into the city. My husband also uses this bus. I am a nurse too and I drive to work at the WCH, about 30 mins.
      There is plenty to do for kids in The Hills and each area has its own community and activities. Children here seems so much more independant of their parents with more freedom, so as your kids get bigger they will be used to going to places on their own.
      It is slightly more expensive to live in The Hills, but you have houses which are unique and the area is so tranquil
      Good luck

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      Hi Debs

      Good locations mentioned here with great access to the city.

      Have a look at Clerendon up that way as well.
      It is a real "villagy" place and seems to be really out in the stick.

      If you are looking at hills areas,especially more vegetated areas,be aware of bush fire risk.
      Don't want to rain on anyone's parade but it is a real threat and you will have to maintain your property safely and have an action plan if the worst happens.


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