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    Thread: Hahndorf - is this nice?

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      Quote Originally Posted by Lisado View Post
      Thats the thing - the beach is our thing - we live right next to it here in UK (although its cold!) and I have the kids' name down in school and we all think of noar as a home but then I went looking to see what else is out there - wish I hadnt as made me unsettled

      The family are now glaring at me and saying noar is the place!!!!

      It is tough deciding from the other side of the world.

      You really cannot make the decision until you get here.

      Write a list of what you REALLY want and then match a few suburbs up to it.

      Hahndorf is completely different to Pt Noarlunga - poles apart.
      There are some good suburbs surrounding Pt Noarlunga as well.

      Don't beat yourself up about it.;)

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      Quote Originally Posted by Lisado View Post
      Hi all

      We have been looking at Port Noarlunga since the minute we decided to come over to SA but now I think I am changing my mind. I have stumbled across Hahndorf and fallen in love with some of the houses here :o. Can someone tell me what the area is like - the photos we have found seem olde world - and we love that

      Many thanks, Lisa
      Hi lisa,

      we live in the hills at the moment and very beautiful it is not far from hahndorf 15 mins in car and we are seriously considering moving to the south beachs as it gets so isolated up here away from all the town life. we thought country life was what we wanted but the reality bit hard that we need to access people and normal day to day stuff like shops without sitting in a car for 45mins - 1 hou:)r just to get there.
      Thats just our story so far good luck with your choice


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      It really is nice up there but as said before its different and you can't compare to two places.
      I would suggest that you go ahead with your plans for now, wait until you get here and then decide as you look around these places. Yes you may have to move the children's school again but kids adjust and will again make friends.
      There are many great places to live and they are not all everyone's cup of tea, you have many things to consider such as distance to work etc.
      Wait to you get here as you have your whole new lives ahead of you yet.

      Good luck with what ever you decide, it will be right for you.

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      I think it's great that you're looking at all the possibilities before you come out, we kinda did the same and we were really drawn to mount gambier for a while, we didn't go as far as that when we actually got here mind you....only victor harbor, but even that feels quite isolated from the action now. We chose it cos we wanted out of Adelaide....we're not city people. However we find ourselves up in aldinga, seaford and noarlunga quite a lot. (it's heaps cooler in Victor Harbor and the sea is cold here)
      We visited Mount Gambier a few weeks ago and feel happy that we didn't make the move down there...don't get me wrong it's lovely and a great place to visit, but everything in SA seems to revolve around Adelaide so bear in mind that it may turn into a bit of a commute if your job is in the city. Hahndorf is one of my fav places but don't know if I could live and work there. My advice would be if you can wait til you get here, do that before making any concrete decisions

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      I imagine living in the country here has a different feel and meaning to living in the country in the UK.

      I would really wait till you arrive and take your first couple of weeks looking around the places you fancy before making your decision.

      Have you been to Port Noarlunga and visited the school? I would want to be looking around first. The kids don't have to jump straight into school - take your time with it.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Anne B View Post
      Personally I would rather live in Port Noarlunga and just go to Hahndorf for the weekend., but that is just my opinion...:)
      I agree with Anne. Hahndorf is a touristy village which is great to visit but wouldn't want to live there. Also being in the hills it is a little cooler temperature wise.

      My advice is to stick with your initial decision, rent somewhere in Port Noarlunga and explore all the other suburbs when you get here.

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      I am totally biased and have been in “trouble” on this before - but I think of Hahndorf as a lovely place you visit on a Sunday and/or take your guests to.

      Port Noarlunga is one of a series of beautiful beaches that stretch down the Fleurieu Peninsula.

      A few links for you:





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      We decided we wanted to be in the Modbury / NE area before we arrived and the reccie trip told us that this was where we wanted to be. However, after a few months in Golden Grove, we decided we wanted to be nearer the beaches and eventually ended up in Seaford Rise.
      It's pretty hard to get a handle on where you want to settle until you see it in the flesh, and even then until you start to loose the "holiday mode" glasses you won't truely be in the place you want to call home.
      As others have said, you might be better go with a gut feeling of where you want to be and start there, but go and explore other areas and avoid trying to put down roots too early. You'll know when it feels right.
      Sandy beaches or indeed treelined hills may seem like eutopia until you've lived there for a while and gotten to grips with the everyday practicalities of commutes/schooling/extreme weather...
      I must still have my rose tinted specs though, cos after 2 years I still round trip commute 75kms a day to live with sea views of Moana - but it feels right for us :)

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      Hahndorf, nice for visit and sunday lunches. But nothing really happens there and life is a really slow (although idylic) pace. As everyone has said, chalk and cheese. If i HAD to choose, i would go with Noar, as you still have reliable transport links etc to the city. And beach on your doorstep as has been said before.

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      Hahndorf: Quite touristy, especially in 'high' seasons, quite a bit quieter for children, fewer social and youth activities in the area.

      I would take a holiday there rather than setting up residence. Or as someone else suggested, if you want a mix of beach and 'hills' then maybe go for a suburb more like Belair.


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