• Short term rental accommodation, furnished rentals in port Noarlunga Adelaide, South Australia
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      Hallett Cove Rental -available early April 2009

      My apologies, I didn't realise you weren't allowed to advertise on the forum. Was browsing last week and saw other ads and thought it was ok - then I ready Sticky's posting about advertising yesterday! Oops. Can't work out how to delete the thread so will just erase the info.

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      Could be interested in your short term rental but ideally looking for a 6 months max rental starting in March but may be able to find something til early April (so that we can buy something before the end of June when the grants go back to normal) Let me know if you would consider this.
      Thanks Nicky and Ade Tanner

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      Hello Nicky and Ade,
      Sorry I wasn't more prompt on the reply forgot my password to log in! Thanks for your interest but really need a 9 month lease on the house to cover our absence. If we lease for 6 months only then we aren't likely to re-tennant for only 3 months. Hope you understand. If you are still interested please email me on dahains@bigpond.com and I can send you photos of the property.


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      if u need a 2 bed apartment in hallett cove, I have one available from mid may. A cat or little lap dog might be ok. Thinking of $320 - $350 including electricity, water etc. but have not finalised the price. PM me if interested. Apartment is up one flight of stairs, no garden, has fantastic views of the Hallett Cove conservation park and the sea. About 8 minutes walk to the boardwards along the cove.


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