I woud probably not at this time want to be living down at the Port if you are concerned with safety issues etcetera. I looked into buying down there when I first came back here 5 years ago, and it has gone ahead a bit but not a lot. If you want to live close I would probably look at Seamphore, Henley etcetera. I think it would pay to get a short term rental to start off and have a good look around, and check out the schools. You will have difficulty getting accomodation at the time you are coming, I helped a couple out last year and rented them my house four a couple of weeks because they could find nowhere at all, unfortunately this year it is rented out. So first thing you need to do is get some short term accomodation, the Clipsal is only on for fur days once it is over it can be easier to get accomodation, I rent out units as well and they have been booked out for over six months for the Clipsal, you may want to try one of the holiday spots just for that weekend and then look for something closer to town after the weekend. Check out the Stayz site.

All the best.