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    Thread: pros and cons

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      Question pros and cons

      hi all can anyone give me an idea of the pros and cons of living in adelaide if any please:D

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      clean lovely beaches
      clean streets
      lots to do
      quiet life if you want it
      lots of friendly people
      parks for kids to play in
      nightlife in the city or glenelg
      barossa valley

      cant think of any oh shortage of water :D:D
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      Thats a hard question as we all have differnt needs / likes and dislikes. What i would say as a pro the next migrant would say as their con .....
      I love Adelaide for its laid back relaxed feel. Reminds me of my childhood memories of the late 70's.
      The weather is going to be everyones bonus and also i like the way everyone is so friendly and helpfull.
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      The weather - you can plan events in advance usually and the forecasts are mostly pretty accurate
      The people - friendliest, chattiest, take time to speak to you
      The hills and parklands - apart from in the summer, they add a nice touch of green to the landscape and seem to "embrace" the City and its surrounds protectively
      The beaches - mostly clean, sandy and safe (apart from the sharks sometimes...)
      The range of activities you can do for little or no cost
      It's a very family-oriented place, with good state schools and relatively cheap private schools
      Housing is relatively cheap here (compared to other Cities)
      Rarely experience a traffic jam
      Most places can be reached within max of 45 mins, usually a lot less
      The relaxed, laid back nature of the place
      The mix of different nationalities, total melting pot with few areas totally dominated by any one
      The variety of scenery meaning lots of new places to explore in the state for weekends/weeks away (Kangaroo Island, Clare Valley, Flinders Ranges, Eyre Peninsula, Yorke Peninsula, Riverland etc etc)
      Leads the rest of Australia in recycling policies, so generally very little litter around

      It's a long way from England and the people who live there and costs a lot to fly there
      There are not as many direct flights to other places from here for holidays (outside of Australia)
      Very much a "who you know" place, which makes it tough until you have got to know lots of people
      It's considered "Sleepy" by the rest of Australia and sometimes has a bit of a chip on its shoulder about that
      The decision-makers at high levels in some of the Councils are too conservative and too worried about upsetting a small, rich minority, to make any good, big decisions
      It doesn't have enough water for the people that live here already, yet still wants to bring in more
      Not sure how much it has to offer young, single people (late teens/early 20s)

      Some of these contradict themselves, but one man's meat and all that....


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      thank you all it sounds just right for me and my family just cant wait to start the visa prosess

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      totallly agree with with diane has to say , all depends what kind of life you had back in uk, was talking to someone where i work and she commented her husband still dislikes the social scene after 1o yrs here, so horses for corses i guess
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