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    Thread: north or south?

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      north or south?

      hi,which is the overall best area, north of adelaide or south?thanks.

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      The answer is it depends on who's looking. ;)

      What one person sees as a fabby place to live another would see a not so fabby place. Also it depends very much on your circumstances. Where is better for work? Do you want to be near to good beaches, open areas, built up area, etc. Do you often want to get into the city centre? Public transport? etc etc etc. You need to decided what you want in your new home and then find the place that fits the bill for you.
      Sorry can't help for you but we are going south a it has what we want.


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      Neither - nobody can say that one is better than the other. Both have good and not so good areas :o It all depends on what you are looking for in a suburb - if you want to be close to the beach the south has the edge, close to Barossa then north has the edge, but for shops, schools, housing etc they are well matched :)

      Only you can decide where you will like and it is a good idea to have a look around yourself when you get here rather than rely on the opinions of others - as Pete says they may not like something you do :)


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      hi,thanks for your replies,i think we will wait till we get there and have a good look round,we can't wait!just had it in my head that the north was a bit rougher,don't know why that was.must have seen it somewhere,but then read on here that the north was where all the rich people went.so a bit confused(don't take much with 4 kids).but if there is good and bad of both areas we need to look when we get there.thanks again!

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      G'day there tracynsteve,

      Bit late I know - but just thought I'd give my "two-cents" on this!

      A bit about the south:
      - Good public transport links (eg rail line out to Noarlunga Centre)
      - Popular beaches (including Port Noarlunga where there's a reef, and Aldinga Beach where you can take a 4WD or boat down easily)
      - McLaren Vale wine region (one of the best winemaking areas in Australia)
      - The main shopping/entertainment hub would either be Marion Centre (which is quite close to the city), or Noarlunga Centre (which is further out south)
      - Well-known inner southern suburbs include Keswick, Colonel Light Gardens and Marion. Well-known outer southern suburbs include Noarlunga, Onkaparinga Hills, Sellicks Beach, and Port Willunga.

      A bit about the north:
      - If you are talking about very much inner-north, eg Medindie or North Adelaide, then these areas are fantastic. Of course they are among the most expensive in Adelaide.
      - If you are meaning outter north (eg Salisbury), just note that this is quite a distance to Adelaide city. There are trains and buses out there but Salisbury, Gawler etc would almost be considered a "micro-city" off to the north of Adelaide.
      - I hear about crime more in the northern suburbs (but whether that's true is another matter)
      - Far north is Barossa Valley (on-par with McLaren Vale)
      - North is definitely expanding and more infrastructure is being built. A lot of people are moving out there because it is much cheaper than other areas of Adelaide and as a result, schools are being renovated, new shops being built, new land being released, etc.
      - No real beaches out north (beaches are more south and western suburbs)
      - Well-known outter northern suburbs include Elizabeth, Mawson Lakes, Gawler, and Modbury. Well-known inner northern suburbs include North Adelaide and Medindie.

      Hopefully this gives you a bit more of an understanding about the north and south.

      You can check out the suburbs I mentioned on www.whereis.com.au



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