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    Thread: Breadmaker?

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      Quote Originally Posted by cliffy View Post
      "Sunbeam Quantum Smartbake" - fully programmable. No, it needs no premixing or kneading, the machine does the lot. Just put in the water, dry ingredients and yeast, in that order. Make sure the tin is firmly in place, press the buttons and come back when it has finished. Have never had any problem with getting the bread out, but I have never made jam, that's an idea for the future!
      That one looks smart - and pricey - will be looking out for sales;)


      Also the Panasonic looks good: http://www.panasonic.com.au/products...?objectID=5429
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      I have a Tefal one, use it all the time, just takes a coupole of minutes to throw the ingredients at it and put the timer on so it's ready in the morning when we get up. One 750g loaf does myself and partner 2-3 breakfasts, (usually toast it on days 2-3), and I'll sometimes take a couple of slices to work for lunch with soup, or for a toasted sandwich. It also makes fantastic pizza dough, so have homemade pizzas on a regular basis :)

      My standard recipe is:
      *make sure the bowl and paddle are correctly installed*
      one egg, few glugs of oil, make up to 270ml with water
      one tsp salt
      460g flour (of which about 1/4 is wholemeal, the rest white - or all white if feeling like a change)
      1.5tsp yeast
      *set the timer, and remember to press to the start button*

      if having friends over for dinner, will make a special loaf, adding sundried tomato (vacuum packed stuff, rather than the ones preserved in oil) pine nuts, and fresh basil if I haven't killed the plant yet.

      Would love to make more exciting recipes, but have found it hard to find different types of flour, and/or wholegrains/seeds etc. Only seem to be able to find pre-mixed stuff, and they always have all the additives that are added to the commercial breads anyway, which to me defeats the purpose of making your own bread.

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      Make sure you get one with the delay timer. There is one that doesn't have it.

      We've had ours for years and still use it (mainly in winter). We program it at night so that the bread is ready in the morning and just have it hot with with butter and jam....yum......The only problem is that there is beautiful bread baking smell and it keeps us awake..... :-)

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      We have a Breville Bakers Oven and we use it quite a bit. I'll often make bread to take to BBQs, picnics or dinner parties and it's always a winner. We also often put it on overnight at the weekends so we wake up to a fresh loaf.

      The best recipe I have come across is for garlic and herb bread and everyone loves it!

      225ml water
      75ml olive oil
      400g bread flour
      1 tbsp italian mixed herbs
      1 tbsp oregano (dried)
      1 bulb of garlic (microwaved whole until starting to go soft and skin removed)
      1 tbsp salt
      7g easybake yeast

      Put it all in the bread pan in the order listed and press 'go' !!!

      Mmmmmmm!!!! My mouth is watering as I type.


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