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    Thread: Vegtarian in OZ - possible?

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      There is a shop at Christies Beach that sells vegetarian products and also vegetarian snacks. Might be useful if anyone is over that way.

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      Quote Originally Posted by HeatherandPip View Post
      The supermarkets I visit have some quorn products but limited and you cant rely on being able to get the product you want in every supermarket - they all have something but it is a case of take what is available.Eating out - limited choices on the menu but generally something available (usually pizza, pasta, same old thing) - have never asked for alternatives in restaurants but sure they would be accommodating, so maybe I should start! I suppose it came as a shock to me because a veggie diet in England is so easy these days (was verging on veganism).
      We've just returned from a visit to England and I could not believe the amount of options available! I was soooooo envious!I was pretty excited when Quorn came to town, although I know know how limited our varieties are :(

      I think it's more acceptable to be vegetarian now - although our son and many of our friends were extremely scathing when my husband decided to go vegetarian last year - so I am hoping that this acceptance might mean all those lovely things will get here soon.

      As I am old (ha ha...but I am!) I don't really use looky-likey vegetarian alternatives because there weren't many good ones about back in the day but my OH and daughter like all the pre-made burgers, minces etc. IMO it is becoming ever easier to be a vegetarian here but you still need to be prepared and ready to cook from scratch, which I imagine most of us would be.

      I now use soy milk and try to use vegan alternatives wherever possible so if anyone knows of any palatable parmesan alternative, that would be much appreciated!

      Thanks, LC
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