Hello everyone,

We're looking to move in about two years and we're fairly sure that we want to move to Adelaide but we're not sure what part.

We need your recommendations on where you'd go to live. We want to be near the beach, or a short drive away, and in a reasonably priced area, (AUS$ 300,000 ish) with access to shops and local attractions.

We have thought about Trott Park, ( only what we have seen on 'Wanted Down Under' and Google Earth).

I know that it is a big ask to try and pin point some where on the above, but we would like your suggestions anyway.

If you have any places not to go to, we would like to hear those aswell as a kinda heads up.

Thanks again

The Whites

P.S we're not married, would it be better to be married before we applied for yor visa's?