We have a forum website in Mawson Lakes for local residents and recently someone posted about their favourite restuarants this side of town, so this is their reccomendations :

Graduates Restaurant – at Regency Park TAFE. May well have the best food you are ever likely to find anywhere, nice atmosphere and very reasonable prices. Just bear in mind that all of the chefs and waiting staff are students in training – this can make it quite fun!

Belmondo Ristorante - 1048 Grand Junction Rd, Holden Hill. An excellent family-run Italian restaurant.

The Rose Garden – Churchill Road. A cheap friendly Thai restaurant with very good food.

Vietnam Restaurant - 73 Addison Rd, Pennington. Has a very good reputation and is always very busy. Have to admit; I am not a big fan of Vietnamese food but give it a try.

Indian Temptations – Main North Road (opp. Harvey Normans). Don’t be put off by the shabby façade, this restaurant has excellent food at low prices. Has a lot of Indian customers (always a good sign ). Check out the chicken tikka masala and the chicken vindaloo. Also huge naans!! Primarily a take-away but you can eat in if you don’t mind the formica tables.

Oh, and while we are looking at take-aways – Colonel Sams at Montague Farm still has the best chips and very nice fish, chicken etc.

I think some of these sound quite good, I'm suprised they missed Sfera's though, the pancake place at Port Adelaide (can't remember the name), Babanusa in Prospect, BoatDeck Cafe in Mawson Lakes, Jaspers at Tandunda, or finally Ned Kelly's in Paravista, but we all have our favourites don't we. Add more if you wish....