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    Thread: Decks ?

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      Decks ?


      I know this question has been asked before, but there never seemed to be an answer...........

      We are wanting to put in a pretty significant size deck (totalling approx 200 sqm)........it will be a big job as it is split level, partly elevated with stairs to go down to a pool(yet to be built)and surround the pool..............we have had a couple of quotes, and to put it politly..............darn expensive to say the least!!!!

      Does anyone know of decent companies out there who do a good job, and at a fair price, preferably in the hills area??????? I guess we just neeed to know, before we commit, that the prices we have been quoted are the going rate, if so, so be it, but I'd like to get a few more quotes just so I won't be saying, 'if only'

      Can anyone help in anyway......please???

      Thanks, Anna

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      Hi Anna

      My husband has a contact, JKB Maintenance & Landscaping. John Daniels is the owner and mention you got his name from David Hedger. His mobile is 0413 594955. Website www.jkbservices.com.au. He can quote for all the work you have mentioned and is a good bloke (originally from Bristol)!

      Good luck


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      Bet your looking at 10k for pine. But a pool in litttlehampton? it will stuff the saleability of the house. Just not warm enough for long enough. Have a look on google earth and see how many there are.


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