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    Thread: Can't get adsl, is telstra nextG wireless broadband any good?

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      Quote Originally Posted by Lozmitch View Post
      Hello all,
      fantastic news, we got the house rental we wanted. Not so good news, adsl unavailable. Also, previous tennant hasn't cancelled phone line yet which means we can't sign up to Telstra which also means they can't give me 100% answer on adsl.
      Best answer on paper seems to be Telstra nextg wireless broadband. Anyone out there familiar with this?
      We are in Moana, what are other people using if not Adsl. Can webcams still be used over wireless broadband?
      Look forward to any answers,

      Hi there

      This is a very good post and although it's on the list of things to look at when we get out to Adelaide...it's not at the top of the list....but after reading the post I did a bit of surfing around and found this site that 'may' be of some help http://youcompare.com.au/


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      Quote Originally Posted by Fancy a Beer View Post
      We had no probs with the connection, but the USB we are on our third in 8 months, first one was faulty and had to "fight" literally to get a new one, did under great stress having to pay out $300 to be reinbursed monthly with the bill, second one got broken by one of the kids bending it by accident on the laptop and cost a nice $300 to replace now on the third and that works hit and miss, so personally I dont think its great! :-)
      Yes, the USB sticks (for want of a better word) are flimsy alright. Ours costs $5 a month for the 24 months of our contract, which seems very cheap. We have a laptop, and I wouldn't dream of plugging the stick directly into the USB port - I use a USB extender cable, so if anything gets damaged, it's the cheap cable!
      I wonder if anyone knows whether any old stick could be used, due to the logon information being in the SIM card, not the stick. Any ideas? It means you could replace a damaged stick with the cheapest available. I doubt it though.
      There are definitely more instances of the Internet connection sometimes timing out than there are with ADSL, but being with iPrimus, I am used to that anyway!

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      Hey there,
      I have been working for Telstra for the past few months but recently left, so I will offer you the best advice I can, knowing their products and the other providers well.
      Telstra should well be able to tell you about the ASDL availability in your area using your address or phone number.
      The first best thing to do is speak with them again and also speak to the provider of who the line is currently with, they will be able to tell you if you know the number. If you have the number you can see for yourself on the telstra website.

      Wireless Broadband::::
      Telstra do by far have the best service and the best network. Covers 99.4% of the aussie population using the high speed next G network. This is greater than the next 3 competitors combined who are all on the 3G network. If fact it is in the guiness book of records for being the fastest and largest wireless network in the world!! The standard wireless modem you will get will be a maximum speed of 7.1 MBPS, compared to the maximum of 3.6 MBPS on the 3G networks. You can pay extra for a faster modem, which will give up to 21MBPS. These speeds are lightening fast, faster than you are likely to achieve through ADSL/ADSL2+.
      Personally, I believe it is too expensive for the average users needs. If you are just after broadband at home, then thats the majority of the benefits of wireless broadband lost to you. There are many other providers. One that consistantly came up with customers leaving Telstra for is a company called Westnet. Apparently they are superb. Adam is also great. I would REALLY stay away from optus for phone line services.
      You could go with a 3G wireless service - such as Three, which is $40 for 6GB per month as opposed to Telstra's $90 for 5GB, but you will need to be sure at the strength of the signal where you are. I have the Three dongle and hate it. Even when the signal strength is strong, then the quality is poor so I get a low speed.
      I would therefore really urge you to try for home based broadband (ADSL or cable) if you will not be using it out of the home, don't pay for a premium package with thousands of GBs if you just check your e-mails a few times a week, (skype doesn't use a massive amount of bandwidth). If you do use the net a bit, then get what you need as excess usage fees are heavy.
      The beauty of internet packages is you can start at a low and cheap one, and upgrade at any time. It doesn't always work the other way around, so start on something cheap, double check with the provider just to be sure you can upgrade (i dont know of any where you cant) and then stick with what you need.

      That was a bit long winded - sorry!!!

      In short, Telstra provide the best network, but charge for that service. The others are all similar. Pay for what you use and use what you pay for. Telstra gets more competitive with bundled products.


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      Agree with posters as said: I use Telstra wireless for work and it's fairly fast, have a 3 wireless stick, prepaid for personal use. It is absolutely dire...slow, slow, slow!!

      Adam internet getting installed tomorrow, so I will let you known how that goes - you might also want to look at Internode.

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      Wow,couldn' last a week on 5 gb per month packages.Thank heavens for Adam internet.Just left our rental by Marion shopping centre and was getting 40 gig per month through Telstra line for 60 dollars per month(1500 super plan).Now 1 km down the road and using Adam naked dsl with no landline connection,and getting 25 gig per month for 70 dollars per month,this is megafast.Struggling to stay in 25 gig limit but at least we are not getting hit with big bills from Telstra each month,due to our teenagers( non contributionary)expensive long phonecalls to the world and his dog.
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