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      Bee Nests

      Looks like we've got some european honey bees trying to make a home somewhere in our walls/roof.
      I'm going to give it another try at suggesting to them that this is not a good idea, this time with a couple of bug-bombs in the loft (where I think they are).
      In case that fails to convey the message, has anyone got any recommendation on pest removal companies (servicing the southern suburbs)?
      Or for the greenies, anyone know of any bee-keepers looking for a new colony

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      You could call Adelaide Pest Control for a free quote.

      Do you know how they're getting in. We have bees trying to get into our walls and are going to seal up the vent bricks with some window screen attached to the brick with silicone.
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      They've been sniffing around the gaps in the bricks for the last few weeks, I guess trying to get in to the cavity behind. They've been repelled by a few doses of the mortien gloopy spray, but they now seem to have found a way in under the tiles...
      I was reluctant to seal them in as they'd likely find another way out, possibly in the house...
      The bug bombs may slow them down until I can get a professional in at least.


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