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    Thread: Swimming pool installation/suppliers

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      Swimming pool installation/suppliers

      Hi there. We have finally decided that we would like to install a pool in our back yard, now the thing is, I thought you just dug a big hole then stuck a pool in there, but it seems there are hundreds of options and budgets. Our budget is puny (up to $15000 max!) but then so is the space we have. We hope for a simple 6x3.5m pool but we are completely confused as to what we need to do next. Do we have to obtain a permit before we do anything? Also, do we go for fibreglass, out of ground put in ground, or just a big old out of ground and deck round it. We want it to look the part and dont want to spoil the landscape of our garden.
      Also do the pool installers dig the hole and remove the soil or do we do that ourselves? Oh my gosh it just seems like such a huge job for a little pool, but I know come summer we will be really pleased wth the result if we manage to get one in!
      Any recommendations or advice would be greatefully recieved.
      Many thanks JC.

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      Hi we got a pool in about 8 years ago its fiberglass in ground cost about $15.000 then and that was only pool no copping to edge of pool or fencing etc, its a kidney shaped one 6.5 x 3.6. Usualy you pick a company and they do everything, you need planning permission for a pool the company will do that the soil that comes out of the hole is charged after the pool is dug for removal and dump fees and is not in the cost of the pool.I would say that above ground pools are cheeper but seem to stand out like a sore thumb.We used freedom pools had a few companys out and were all about the same cost everything is extra lights, covers, etc.some do specials and give you free stuff in price just shop around and get prices of them this is starting to get in to there busy time as everyone wants pool in for xmas.
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      we are in aldinga beach and we are starting our pool next week the 16 aug and it will take just 1 week to complete.will let you know how it goes
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      At 15K your looking at above ground. Anything sunk in fiberglass should come in at at least 20K plus soil removal and then all the hidden extra's. Rough guess 30K by the time she is finished.

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      cornish Busdriver
      Bit of advice.
      We just went to see bout having lights put in our pool (in ground concreate) and just found out that it would cost around 15K as they would have to drain the pool and dig down around it.
      So if you want it all lit up get the lights installed in the first place.
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      Have you tried Clark rubber, we got a leaflet thru last week and they were havin a sale on their sunsoaker pools starting from $3,995 for 4.8 x 3.6 x 1.32 and $6,995 for 7 x 4.5 x 1.2 above or inground, but you have to order before the end of Aug. There is one on Beach rd Christies beach.
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      We ventured into the unknown and are ready to do it all again..



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