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plus $50 installation

or $25 a month for IQ box....plus $100 installation

The AV sender cost us $150....so there's installation and 2 months foxtel subscription..

For what we want to use it for......much more cost effective than paying the monthly sub for multi room.
Oops, I was wrong, sorry. I know we didn't pay installation for the second box, we just get charged the $15 per month (we have 2 IQ2 boxes).

Church, you have a virus I am almost sure. Don't get charged more than $40 to get it fixed. The easiest thing to do, is get the disk out, put it into another machine that works, so you have 2 disks, clear the virus, copy the files and it's all done.

Let us know how much you are charged, I have heard of many people charging $100's, it's probably why I don't make money, I am too cheap, but it's easy!!!