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      Do not use this builder !!!!!!!!!!!

      Anyone who has the idea of getting any work done by a builder by the name of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX consider your options.
      Please email me before you even have him over the step!!!!
      Would appear that this post got edited probably due to being sued. The man is a little builder with bleached blond hair calls himself Phil and he took 600 dollars for materials and said he would be back. He came back dropped off about 100 dollars worth of wood and has now charged us just under500 dollars for the privilege of him saying, "I cant do the job but will charge you for the wood and delivery". I think you can get the picture. This builder is a rip of merchant by any standards,he certainly did not build a QUALITY COUNTRY CONSTRUCTION for us..

      Now have a balcony that needs some urgent woodwork on, before it ends up being ground floor decking... Any HELP from a chippy who can slide a saw and use a hammer would be really helpful...PM please??

      I would certainly not recommend this chap and will tell you why, should you require more info..!!

      Anyone got details so we can report this shoddy excuse of a builder!!
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